Flashback Friday – Tractor Afghan

I can’t believe it’s getting toward the end of the year, and Christmas, already! It’s time to make some Halloween and Christmas plans…

Last Christmas my family exchanged names, so it was a little different than usual – but much easier. I really enjoy finding perfect gifts for all my family, but some of my brothers can be a bit difficult to shop for. So besides a few small things for my awesome sister-in-law whose name I drew, my pet Christmas project was for my littlest nephew (on my husband’s side).

His mom decorated his nursery with tractors. I looked, and looked, and looked for some tractor afghan patterns, but to no avail. So, as is my custom, I made up my own. However, one thing led to another, and instead of just tractors I ended up adding farm animals, as well. And they were so cute! My favorite was the horse, and my hubby loved the pigs with the curly tails. I tried to put a lot of texture into it for baby-grabbing fun! I wanted to add fluffy clouds, too, but ran out of time.

It turned out pretty cute – if only I could remember all the details of how I did it!

Longest Train Record

When I say “train” I am of course refering to a train of fabric on a wedding gown. I was searching for some info online and came across this: Longest Bridal Train.

This dress is nearly TWO MILES LONG! It was made in Romania, and the train alone took 10 seamstresses 100 days to sew. Wow. And strangely, most people walking by didn’t even seem to notice it.

Amazing train aside, it’s a beauful gown. I love the lace sleeves with scallops at the neckline and diagonal pleating at the waist.

Keeping Busy

Well, as of last week I am a seamtress only. My technical full-time job of the past 3 years has ceased. The company had not been doing well, and had been slowly shrinking. Last week it was my turn to go. Just after I got back from vacation no less. *Sigh.*

But I am excited to have more time to dedicate to sewing. Not only did I have fittings for two new dresses today (one a fill), but I have several other sewing and crochet projects I want to do (as well as some I still haven’t finished!). Plus, having more time will give me a chance to try making some simple tutorials. I’ve already started one for a fabric shoe-holder!

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