I made this giant felt Pop-tart the other night. Can you guess what it’s for? Hint: Halloween is coming up, and I have a gray cat…

EDIT: Nyan Cat costume tutorial here.

I didn’t take many pictures as I made it, but maybe I can explain and make this a bit of a tutorial (if for any reason you would want to make a large fabric pop-tart in the future!).

Giant Felt Pop-tart


  • 2 pieces pastry/peach-colored felt (11.5″ x 8.5″)
  • 1 piece light pink felt
  • darker pink/fuchsia acrylic or fabric paint
  • 10.5″ x 7.5″ piece of cardboard (I cut mine from a box.)
  • matching thread
  • fiber-fill or batting
  • white acrylic or fabric paint (optional)
  • white sparkles/glue with sparkles (optional)

1. Cut the light pink felt piece down about a three-fourths of an inch all the way around UNEVENLY. You want it to be slightly scalloped to give it more of an icing-on-pastry look. It will be about 10″ x 7″.

2. Cut around a pastry-colored piece of felt slightly, just to make the edges uneven like the pink piece.

3. Spread out some fiber-fill or cut down a piece of batting to slightly smaller than the pink felt piece. Place the batting/fiber-fill on the cut pastry piece and place the pink icing piece on top. Pin in place.

4. Using dark or light pink thread, zigzag stitch around the pink piece overlapping the pink edge and the pastry piece (so the edge of the pink piece is the center-line of the zigzag). Then randomly sew small squares/rectangles on the pink piece area. Mine were all three-fourths of an inch or smaller.

5. Center this top piece on top of the second piece of pastry felt. Pin in place. Using matching thread, sew around three of the four edges (one-fourth inch seam allowance) following the contours of the top pastry piece.

6. Spread/cut more fiber-fill/batting to fit inside the pocket just made. Insert this and the cardboard piece into the pastry pocket, with the cushioning toward the back of the piece and the cardboard sandwiched inside.7. Sew across the open edge of the pastry. Then cut around the bottom felt piece to match the edges of the top piece. You can do this before sewing, but then it would be harder to line up perfectly.

8. Using a small paintbrush or sponge, paint inside each sewn square with the dark pink paint.

9. Optional: Paint a squiggly line across the pink part of the pastry for extra icing effect. Do the same thing with the white paint, and add white sparkles while wet or paint over the white paint with glitter glue. Let dry.

Success! Now you have a giant, puffy-but-reinforced pillow of a Pop-tart! You can play Frisbee with it, leave out the cardboard and use it as a pillow, trick unsuspecting people into trying to eat it, strap is on your cat… Whatever!

For instructions on turning your felt Pop-tart into a Nyan Cat kitty costume and pictures of our cat as a pastry kitty, click here.


  1. mama*inshane

    oh my goodness! do you ever sleep?
    the whole bridal seamstress gig is impressive on its own. what an artform. and dealing with bridal beings, kudos to you!!!
    don’t have to tell you to create daily 😉
    ps: my dogs would love it if they had poptart pillows. for that matter, so would my 2 human kids…. i am not sharing them this blog. good stuff!
    ~mamainshane, swap-bot, follow me #7

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