Remember the Giant Felt Popt-tart? Well, here’s who I made it for:

Our cat, Shadow, went as Nyan Cat this Halloween. He enjoyed it immensely, as you can see.

Not familiar with the Nyan Cat phenomenon? Here’s the pastry cat in all his glory:

No, nothing else happens. There’s no need to watch the whole thing.

Anyway, I thought I’d give an update to the tutorial on how to turn a felt Pop-tart into a Nyan Cat kitty costume.

Nyan Cat Costume Tutorial

1. Follow the instructions to make a felt Pop-tart here, but before sewing around the pastry edges (Number 5), pin some rainbow ribbon or fabric into one of the short edges. I used three ribbon strands of each color (about 1 yard in length) because I coudn’t find any rainbow fabric, but fabric would be easier to deal with. If you use ribbon, running a regular glue stick across the inside edge of the felt helps to position and hold the ribbon before sewing.

2. Finish Pop-tart as per instructions. Then cut two small rectangles (mine were 2″ x 3″) out of felt, a stronger material, or both. (I made two of cotton and two of felt to cover them.) Fold the rectangles in half, and cut twice into the folded edge. Unfold.

3. Glue around all four edges of the rectangles, avoiding the centers, and position on the back of the Pop-tart. I used a glue gun, but fabric glue would work as well.

4. String a shoelace or other strap through each slot. Wide elastic would also work, however, it would be best to add Velcro at the ends. If tied, it could be difficult to undo, and this would not be fun for you or your pet.5. Done! Just tie around the cat’s tummy to wear. The costume works with one Pop-tart or two (one on each side). I used two, but only put the rainbow ribbon on one of them.

(My husband filmed me putting it on our gineau pig cat. Maybe I’ll figure out how to upload it here.)

Now your little buddy can have his or her very own Nyan Cat costume! How exciting! Our Shadow just loved his costume. Uh huh. Here he is admiring all his pretty ribbons:

Our Shadow makes a great Nyan Cat. He may not have the pink cheeks or friendly smile down, but he’s still pretty dang cute. Though, to be fair, our gaseous little friend may resemble this parody more closely (sad as that is):

***Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the wearing of this costume. Seriously annoyed maybe, but not harmed.

Be sure to supervise your pet while he or she is wearing a costume.***


In memory of the real Nyan Cat, Marty, who passed away on November 1, 2012. He will be missed.


  1. LouLou

    awwwwwh thats so cute ^_^

    my cat is the same as yours.She’s called Tibbywinkle hehehe

    best wishes and happiness

    MissLDEARTS – Swap-Bot ID
    ( Follow Me #8 )

  2. Sam

    This is awesome! You have a great blog and awesome instructions!

    I am sammalmquist on swap-bot and I am posting on behalf of Follow Me #8! 🙂

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