Flashback Friday – Watercolor Painting

I am not a painter. Period. But I do enjoy¬†painting with my old watercolors occasionally, though usually for small things such as ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I took a couple painting classes back in high school, and I seldom created anything that I liked. My paintings often had a harsh, rigid look that I didn’t like. I found that oil-based paints made it worse, but water-based paints helped create a softer look. This painting was one of the first I ever painted that I actually liked. It’s not that good, especially close up, but it has the feel I was going for and I love the colors. So when I recently came across some awesome “floating” frames, I bought one thinking it just might work for my old painting. I haven’t decided where to hang it yet, but it makes me happy to actually see it out and not hidden in a closet somewhere.

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