When my first little brother to join the US Marines left for bootcamp, I wanted to make him a surprise gift for when he returned. A sort of thank-you-for-being awesome, you-survived-the-torture sort of gift. He didn’t have a comforter for his bed, so I decided to make him a quilt. To celebrate his awesomeness, I made an iron-on of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor for the middle of the quilt. And, of course, I had to make a matching pillowcase. I was, and still am, not a quilter, but I think it turned out pretty good.

So when another one of my little brothers also joined the Marines, I of course had to make a blanket for him, too. But instead of a quilt, I chose to crochet it. I believe I actually thought it would be easier! =0P

I decided to use the tapestry crochet technique, so I had to first make a chart. I wanted to make it of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor again, so there was a lot of detail to work out in Photoshop. Once I got that worked out, I started to crochet. And boy, did I crochet! That afghan may have been my most time-consuming to date. Trying to keep the sides even was really difficult, and nearly drove me mad! Needless to say, the poor guy didn’t get his blanket right after bootcamp, but I did get it done eventually. And it was SO worth it! Though I have been avoiding large projects in tapestry crochet with more than two colors ever since.

If you are interested in crocheting an afghan for a Marine in your life here is my pattern (chart only) as a pdf: Marine Afghan Pattern by the Sweet Seamstress. It is in tapestry crochet, which involves carrying the other colors of yarn inside single crochet stitches.

The top reads “Don’t Mess…” and the bottom says “…With the Best.” Quite applicable for more than one reason.

If you are/were in the US military, Thank You for Your Service!

Arick's at Christmas



  1. Anna

    This is so awesome! Too bad I found it too close to Christmas to make for my son. He goes in next year. And my daughter the year after that. I guess I know what will be under the tree for them both next Christmas. Would it be hart to include personalization in the pattern do you think?

    1. Kelley

      I can’t get the pattern to download. Am I doing something wrong? Please help, I have a nephew in the marines and would love to surprise him with this when he is home again.

  2. connie richie

    I love it u did a great job on it. DO U KNOW where I can get pattern for Air Force one my grandson.is in it.I’d love to make him one. Thanks

  3. Destiny

    do you think you can teach me to read this? i’m making it for a good friend and this is my first time reading a chart.

    1. Anna

      It’s just like cross stitch, but with single crochets. You crochet one way, then back, following the chart. There are many tutorials out there. Type in “tapestry crochet” and you’ll find several great ones, even videos.

  4. Kendra

    I’m working on making a afghan pattern like this one and stumbled across your pic…it’s amazing! Great job. I hope mine turns out we well when it’s finished.

  5. Melissa

    I don’t understand, the graph is usually squares, but when I downloaded it, it looks more like a honeycomb. I want to make this so bad but I’m so confused! Please help me understand this.

  6. bottledwhimsy


    I just wanted to ask how many skeins/balls of yarn you used, and what type. 🙂 This is beautiful and my brother was just sworn in this morning. I would love to surprise him with this at graduation in 12 weeks. Is it possible to get it done in 12 weeks?

      1. Anna

        I’m not sure how many skeins of yarn I used, as I didn’t buy them all at once. I used Caron Simply Soft, which is pretty good with same dye lots. I think I bought 5 of each color in the beginning.

        The stitch count for mine is the same as the graph, plus 20 scs all around (and also between the wording I added).

        I worked very intermittently on mine, so it took a loooong time, but if you are able to work on it nearly every day you might be able to get it done that quickly.

  7. Jo

    thank you so much. my baby brother left for bootcamp yesterday and I’m an emotional mess. this is the best gift. I’ll be glad to put in the hard work considering what he’s going through. <3

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