Yesterday I got this text from my brother:

Hey, are you up for any last-minute alterations?


Soon after:

Did I tell you that you’re my most favoritest older sister?


I’m his only older sister. =0)

Ah, brothers. This particular one, AW, is in the reserves, and it turns out their annual Marine Corps Ball is today. His dress blues coat was much too small, and he wanted me to alter it. I had worked on it last year, but wasn’t able to make it much bigger due to a need for more red trim to sew across the bottom. This time he came prepared; he brought an extra (also non-fitting) coat to use for “parts.” It was a funny way to go about it, but it did the trick. There’s a waiting list, and the uniforms are quite expensive, so at least he has me!


  1. Stephanie

    At least he came prepared with a spare parts coat. I’ve actually seen that suggested before, it was on a website for geeks, I think. They were explaining how to alter Star Trek shirts in case the shirt you bought wasn’t quite big enough. It seemed odd to me, since I can usually get shirts to fit fine, but now that I’ve seen 2 pages describing it, it makes more sense now.

    Stephanie – follow me #8

  2. Brittany

    Haha brothers can be really funny sometimes. My little brother uses that line all the time when he wants me to do something for him!

    Brittany (IzzyStardust)
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