Christmas = Busy!

I have been busy, busy, busy sewing, crocheting, and otherwise crafting for Christmas! I love this time of year, and making heartfelt gifts for friends and family. But you know who often gets left out of the holiday gift-giving? Pets!

Shadow in his Christmas atire.

I made my kitty a paw-shaped stocking and always put a couple of gifts in it when I was a kid. These days I often find myself making another fun cat toy for my little buddy. I came across this post for cute (and hilarious) gingerbread men cat toys today on Dream A Little Bigger, and I just had to share. These donut toys are just adorable, too.

One Christmas we got my husband’s mother’s dog a giant peppermint-candy toy. It was so funny seeing her walk around with that big mint in her mouth! It didn’t help her doggy breath at all unfortunately, but it sure was cute and she really enjoyed playing with it.

Don’t forget your little furry buddies this Christmas – remember that the chocolate treats in your stocking are not good for your pets!

Marines Keep Me Up All Night

Yesterday I got this text from my brother:

Hey, are you up for any last-minute alterations?


Soon after:

Did I tell you that you’re my most favoritest older sister?


I’m his only older sister. =0)

Ah, brothers. This particular one, AW, is in the reserves, and it turns out their annual Marine Corps Ball is today. His dress blues coat was much too small, and he wanted me to alter it. I had worked on it last year, but wasn’t able to make it much bigger due to a need for more red trim to sew across the bottom. This time he came prepared; he brought an extra (also non-fitting) coat to use for “parts.” It was a funny way to go about it, but it did the trick. There’s a waiting list, and the uniforms are quite expensive, so at least he has me!

Saturday Surprise – New Quilting Frame!

I am so excited! I have been wanting a quilting frame for years. Literally – years. I’ve only made a couple quilts, ever, but mostly due to the unavailability of a frame to quilt or tie them on. I’ve asked for a quilting frame every Christmas since I was a teen, and I occasionally bug my husband about it – he being an awesome builder-of-many-things type of guy.

But today we decided to check out a yard sale down the street… and there it was. It was still in an unopened box, and I wasn’t even sure if it was, in fact, a quilting frame since it only had one small sticker of a contraption on the front. But I thought I recognized said contraption, and apparently so did my husband. He thought it was a good price, and so we bought it!

The pieces. Not too many, but a whole ton of nuts and bolts.


Shadow “helping” as cats often do.


Finished. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait to MAKE something on it!

Keeping Busy

Well, as of last week I am a seamtress only. My technical full-time job of the past 3 years has ceased. The company had not been doing well, and had been slowly shrinking. Last week it was my turn to go. Just after I got back from vacation no less. *Sigh.*

But I am excited to have more time to dedicate to sewing. Not only did I have fittings for two new dresses today (one a fill), but I have several other sewing and crochet projects I want to do (as well as some I still haven’t finished!). Plus, having more time will give me a chance to try making some simple tutorials. I’ve already started one for a fabric shoe-holder!

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