Flashback Friday – Kitchen Curtains

Many of the projects I make are for others – for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and sometimes “just because.” Due to this, I often don’t get so see my creations later on down the line (luckily I’m getting better at remembering to take pictures). I get to enjoy the “oh, wow!” sentiment (hopefully) when I present them to their new owners, but that’s the end of that.

So unlike most of the things I sew and crochet, my kitchen and dining room curtains are a project that I get to enjoy every single day – well, except when we’re enjoying another cruise. =0)

I already had towels and other kitchen things when the hubby and I were married, so I had planned on continuing to use those until we bought our first home. Little did I know it would be several years! I had planned on decorating the kitchen with an ivy design in green and white – I saw so many adorable ivy fabrics in stores. However, when we did indeed buy our beautiful home, cotton ivy fabric was nowhere to be found!

After a lot of searching and stocking on Ebay, I finally found some fabric I liked. I hadn’t ever sewn anything but plain curtains and valances, so I was a little intimated – but I had a vision in my head and had to recreate it. I BARELY  had enough fabric, but I was able to pull it off. And I still LOVE my kitchen curtains. The ruffles just make me smile, and the gingham tiebacks (my hubby’s suggestion) are just stinkin’ cute.

Do you have a favorite project you get to enjoy every day?

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