Saturday Surprise – New Quilting Frame!

I am so excited! I have been wanting a quilting frame for years. Literally – years. I’ve only made a couple quilts, ever, but mostly due to the unavailability of a frame to quilt or tie them on. I’ve asked for a quilting frame every Christmas since I was a teen, and I occasionally bug my husband about it – he being an awesome builder-of-many-things type of guy.

But today we decided to check out a yard sale down the street… and there it was. It was still in an unopened box, and I wasn’t even sure if it was, in fact, a quilting frame since it only had one small sticker of a contraption on the front. But I thought I recognized said contraption, and apparently so did my husband. He thought it was a good price, and so we bought it!

The pieces. Not too many, but a whole ton of nuts and bolts.


Shadow “helping” as cats often do.


Finished. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait to MAKE something on it!

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